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Welcome to my website! My fascination with photography began at the age of eleven. One event in particular started me on the road to photography when I was traveling with my family along the California coast with a simple insta-matic camera. I saw sea lions off the coast of California near Big Sur, but they were so far away that they only showed up as black dots on the pictures. At that moment I decided that I needed a better camera!
I bought my first camera, a Pentax K1000 along with a few lenses, by mowing lawns and putting my gear on layaway. Since 2008, I have been shooting with Canon gear.

I graduated from Central Michigan University in 1993 with a BS degree in Biology and currently live in the San Francisco area with my wife and three children. In my spare time, I enjoy being out in the field with my camera as well as and any activity that involves being outdoors in the fresh air.

I enjoy photographing wildlife, landscapes, architecture, etc. However, birds have become my favorite subjects because there are thousands of species, they come in all shapes and sizes and they exist in almost every environment around the world. A few of the bird photographers that inspire me are Glenn Bartley, Alan Murphy, Matthew Studebaker, Arthur Morris, as well as dozens of other talented photographers.

If you are just getting started or a seasoned veteran, I would highly suggest checking out these websites:

Every year this "hobby" develops into more of a passion!.......Enjoy and thanks for visiting!

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Thanks for visiting!

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